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November 29, 2020

Why lavender water?

At Skincalories, you are the superstar and we strive to bring out the power of glowing skin within you, through the best ingredients that nature can offer. Like an aura of positive energy that surrounds you like a shield, we provide you with the best products that will elevate your health and beauty so that, in the end, your beauty have no expiry date.

So…whats the deal with Lavender?
As we were writing this, we can’t help but imagine that Xerxes ( yup, that same god man xerxes from 300 ) bringing Lavender water back to Queen Esther from his many conquest in the Mediterranean, Middle East and India. Aromatic and Therapeutic in nature, its used in the ancient world in cosmetics, washing and disinfecting lye. Today, Lavender is used for purifying, cleansing, relaxing, and healing.

Why Lavender for the Active Glow Mist

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