Skincalories - A Brand for Active Women by Active Woman

Skincare for the active women

How did the brand concept change from the initial design to what we see now?

The moment of ureka came when we realized that skincare is not just about products but also the lifestyle of the customer and how to bring joy to the entire beauty ritual. Skincalories is such an innovative Brand that is not afraid to take a revoluntionary approach to tell its story through the eyes of Magda, our virtual ambassador


The Active Glow Mist is a facial mist made for active women like Magda who are taking a bold move, quiting their job becoming entreprenuers, some may be mothers who are joining back the workforce now their child is older while others might be in the gym due to the doctor’s orders. Whatever the reason, whatever goals you might have, the facial mist is your companion on this journey, hydrating your skin and protecting them as you see themselves reaching their goals. Just as the facial mist is your companion, we hope that you will see Magda as your friend every time you use our facial mist.


In traditional chinese and korean medicine, water speaks of rejuventation and like the tides that as quickly as it hit against the shore, it recedes back into the ocean, the facial mist replenishes the water that is lost after various activities. Made with purified lavender water, it calms and soothe the skin at the same time when your skin replenishes its water. Used frequently, its is truly a strong hydration seal that is able to lock in the water in your skin.

Just as the hydration seal protects and nourish your skin, its goes beyond being a fairy tale as no details was spared to look into each individual ingredient of our facial mist because we wanted shopping for Skincalories to be a fuss free experience and for it to be a brand that any customer can trust, while absorbing the full benefits of having the elemental protection based on the trusted philosophy in Traditional Chinese Medine and Traditional Korean Medicine.