Skincalories prefers EWG Verified -

Skincalories prefers EWG Verified

There are many skincare products in the market that claim to be natural, organic and some are even certified to be organic but what does this really mean?

Unless you are a chemist or a scientist, we doubt you would understand what the 200 ingredients means. Some of us over at Skincalories don’t understand what they are too when we were developing our signature facial mist. But did you know that some of these ingredients might be banned in the EU? Or are known to cause series disease? Yet 1% of these ingredient are organic or natural, they can therefore claim it as Organic.

When it comes to food, organic means well, organic – essentially food grown without synthetic fertilizers, so you do end up eating more nutrious stuff, if the caterpillars don’t eat it up first. Yes, there are natural, non pesticide ways to scare caterpillars away but that is a story for another day. Now lets talk about the free from artificial preservatives, colors, flavors goodies. Then it start to get blurred. What about organic skincare products…. are they better? There is so many of them anyway. Neither the USDA nor the FDA regulates what are organic cosmetics exactly?

Well, it could mean you are happier spending more money (for nothing) or it could be certified by the USDA or an equivalent international body. be organic, and they often cost more.
It can be 100% organic, or it may be organic with the USDA certified organic seal, or it nay “made with organic ingredients”. Some only have 1% organic content in it, but that is ok as the FDA does not require the labels to be truthful and not misleading.

Skincalories’ Active Glow Mist is one of the few facial mist sold in Singapore that 100% of our ingredients are EWG verified to be in the green zone and safe for used by even the most sensitive skin.  If you are like Magda, looking for fuss free on the go hydration for your skin, based on beauty rituals of celestials, then look no further. The active glow mist is the strongest hydration seal to replenish the water in your skin and free the true age of your skin.