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Our Story

Skincalories is a leading innovative skincare company that believe that happy glowing skin begins with a happy heart.



MAGDA, whom had been unveiled at SkinS Festival, a music and entertainment festival that will be held in various countries over three years to celebrate Skincalories’ philosophy that glowing skin begins with a happy heart. Launched in November 2019, the campaign for Skincalories, an innovative skincare startup was selected as a finalist for Best PR Campaign (Beauty) by PR Awards 2020, contending alongside the likes of Estee Lauder and Unilever.

The inaugural SkinS Festival ushers in a first of its kind of storytelling experiential event that illustrates music in a graphic novel format and where the virtual world of MAGDA will interact with the real-world audience at the festival. To this end, SkinS Festival worked together with its official skincare sponsor Skincalories to tell the story about how music became MAGDA’s healer and transformed her life to be the person she desires to be.

From the stage of an empty theater at SkinS Festival, we see MAGDA inspired by the Kpop and Hip Hop music performed by Giant Pink (SM Entertainment), Kevin Woo (Former UKISS) & Jannine Weigel (UMG) and begin her heroine’s journey to pursue a career in the music industry

Explaining the concept behind using MAGDA as its virtual ambassador, Skincalories’ CEO Madelyn Yeo explains that she wants to take the consumer on a journey with “entertainment-centric” branding which pulls the consumer into the brand’s own imagination. To realize that, Skincalories created a universe and characters which the consumer can journey along together with MAGDA in the pursuit of her dream as she makes lifestyle choices of a new training regime, a new dietary lifestyle and appropriate skincare- using SkinCalories’ product line, of course!



Our long term goal is to create personalize skincare that is catered to your lifestyle, through building friendship with you through constant interaction with you. No matter what goes on in your day, we are with you on your journey towards happy glowing skin.

Every product is released only when we are satisfied that it will meet the rigorous demands of your lifestyle, whether its enjoying a sport under the sun, keeping your skin clean after workout in the gym or feeling fresh and hydrated all day long.