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About SkinCalories

Skincalories is an innovative Skincare Brand that utilizes AR, VR, AI and IOTS to create an interactive consumer experience, and personalize skincare solutions

About SkinCalories

Skincalories is an innovative Skincare Brand that utilizes AR, VR, AI and IOTS to create an interactive consumer experience, and personalize skincare solutions

Free Your Skin

Products that celebrate women, empowering them to pursue their dreams and live out their life however they imagine it.


Meet Magda, a former architect turned fitness enthusiast who secretly harbors a dream of becoming a K-pop Performer in the pages of Broken Seal, follow her journey as she eventually fulfills her dream through the intervention of celestial beings as they introduce her to their beauty rituals and help her overcome her self-limiting beliefs

Broken Seal
Digital Comic

Follow Magda in her journey from architect to kpop sensation

Active Glow Mist

Introducing the Active Glow Mist —
an EWG verified lavender infused deep hydration facial mist
that caters to active women embracing an “on the go” lifestyle.

Inspired by Beauty Rituals from the Celestials of Oriental Medicine

The philosophy of the Five elements are foundational principles in oriental medicine. For the first time, a brand unlocked the beauty rituals of these Celestials who imparted the wisdom of the elements to mankind for the restoration of Innocence and Purity.

Formulated from relics passed down by the Celestials for the modern active woman, each formulation created in our present day laboratory draws on the power of the oriental beauty rituals to provide Five Seals to lock in our skin’s inner harmony and vitality.

the hydration seal replenishes the water in your skin

Nurturing, and calming to the skin. The hydration seal series helps to boost skin’s moisture when it is depleted by excessive wind, cold and heating. Replenish skin’s moisture and instantly plump, nourish and hydrate skin.

Skincalories is proud to be the Official Skincare Partner of SkinS Festival 2019, celebrating the freedom to choose the character they want to be through music and technology.

Natural beauty lifestyle

The promise of anti aging could not be nearer to you than you imagine. Its not a pill you pop or that rhino’s horn (note: we do not support hunting of rhino) but its the exercise you do.

As we age, wrinkles, crows feet and sagging occurs. The outer protective layer of the skin of mortals thicken after 40. Composed mostly of dead skin cells and some collagen, it gets drier, flakier and denser with age.

In a study conducted by scientists, they discovered that regular exercise at a moderate strenous pace can reverse the skin’s age from 65 to 20 – 40 years old.

Exercise however cannot reverses wrinkling and other damages from the sun. For that, there is the Skincalories’ Active Glow Mist, a hydration seal made from pure lavender water to lock in the moisture in your skin.

At Skincalories, we are a skincare lifestyle brand superior products that is 100% ewg verified, beauty resources and original entertainment content as well as regular events for our members, we are committed to you being able to free the true age of your skin, together with us.

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